CAA issues Article 16 Operational Authorisation

Following several years of negotiations, the CAA issued UAS implementing regulation article 16 operational authorisation.  The FPV UK Article 16 Operational Authorisation is available here.

When the rules changed on 31st December 2020 this authorisation came into effect and allows association members to enjoy privileges beyond the new UAS rules.  Such as:

  • Flying FPV without a competent observer for each drone – in a sterile area (such as a race location).
  • Flying FPV with a competent observer.
  • Flying your aircraft above 400ft (except multirotors).
  • Flying in a park (a built up area is normally defined as ‘An area substantially used for industrial, recreational, commercial or residential purposes’ and is not allowed.  Under the authorisation flight is allowed in ‘an area used only for recreational purposes’ – such as a park).
  • Flying to a minimum distance of 30m from uninvolved people (15m on take off and landing) – this forms an imaginary bubble around the person (unlike the open category which requires a 50m horizontal distance) – ie overflight is allowed for association members.

A new FPV UK Handbook accompanies the authorisation.

You must familiarise yourself with the authorisation and the FPV UK handbook and accept them before flying under its terms.  There are certain requirements to report accidents and incidents when flying which are relevant when flying under the extra privileges allowed by the authorisation.

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