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FPV UK Welcomes Matthew McKay as mentor and examiner near Warrington

FPV UK is very pleased to welcome Matthew McKay to the growing team of FPV UK Certificate of Competency: Practical mentors and examiners around the country. The FPV UK CofC: Practical is FPV UK’s practical skills certificate, which members take to improve their practical skills, confidence and for their own pleasure and sense of achievement. […]


Do I need to do a risk assesment whenever I fly under the Article 16 Operational Authorisation? And how do I do one?

Question Do I need to do a risk assesment whenever I fly under the Article 16 Operational Authorisation? And how do I do one? Answer No! A risk assesment is only required for flying within ‘a built-up area which is used only for recreational purposes‘ (eg a public park, gardens, etc). This is a location […]


Can RTH be used under the Article 16 Operational Authorisation?

The definition of a Model Aircraft in the Article 16 Operational Authorisation requires that it is flown using the control sticks, rather than by automation. The question then arises; what about the Return To Home (RTH) failsafe function? Is using RTH permissible under the Article 16 Operational Authorisation? The answer is yes. This has been […]


Can I now fly my drone commercially with FPV UK membership as my insurance?

Given the removal of ‘the commercial trigger’ in the new unmanned aircraft (IE drone and model aircraft) regulations, one might assume that anyone can now fly commercially. Unfortunatley commercial operations still require EC785/2004 compliant insurance (IE commercial aviation insurance with terrorism and hi-jack cover). EC785/2004 was published in 2005 – long before drones existed – […]


Does a sub-250g non-recording FPV drone require the operator to be registered?

Question: Does a sub-250g FPV drone require the operator to be registered with the CAA DMARES (Drone and Model Aircraft Registration and Education System)? Answer: No. If the FPV camera provides a live feed only, for the purposes of flying the aircraft and for avoiding obstacles, etc, then the operator is not required to register […]


My card shows my old CAA Operator ID. How can I get a new one?

Unfortunately at the first renewal of CAA Operator IDs the format will change.  Each member will get a new Operator ID in the new format. The old format was OP-XXXXXXX, the new format is GBR-OP-XXXXXXXXXXXX. Nb. In future years each person’s CAA Operator ID will stay the same at renewal. We have modified the design […]


CAA Operator ID Registration/ Renewal through FPV UK

We are presently in the testing phase of our new overnight registration link between FPV UK and the CAA. Once this testing is complete we will be able to: 1) Register new members with the CAA for their first time.  Members will receive their CAA Operator ID the following day. A new option to add […]


New FPV UK Handbook

FPV UK Handbook The FPV UK handbook is available for download here.  Some of the topics covered in the FPV UK handbook are: Information about how FPV UK membership works (details of each of the different types of subscription – how often they renew, when reminders are sent, how you can cancel them, etc) Guidance […]


Can I fly under the Article 16 Operational Authorisation using a DJI or similar drone?

Question Can I fly my DJI drone under the terms of the Article 16 Operational Authorisation? Answer Yes.  So long as it is flown ‘manually’ (i.e. using the control sticks) rather than automation. CAA confirmation:   Yes – an unmanned aircraft that is being flown in accordance with the definition of a model aircraft in […]


CAA issues Article 16 Operational Authorisation - UAS 7068

Following several years of negotiations, the CAA has today issued ‘UAS 7068’ – UAS implementing regulation article 16 operational authorisation.  Operational Authorisation UAS 7806 is available here. When the rules change on 31st December 2020 this authorisation will allow association members to enjoy privileges beyond the new rules.  Such as: Flying FPV without a competent […]


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