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Open Category and FPV UK Article 16 Operational Authorisation Infographics

These two infographics show the 2021 UK drone regulations in an easy to understand graphical format. They serve as a quick guide to explain both the Open Category Drone and Model Aircraft rules, and the FPV UK Article 16: Operational Authorisation rules. Open Category drone rules in a nutshell This infographic explains where you can […]


FPV UK Welcomes Matthew McKay as mentor and examiner near Warrington

FPV UK is very pleased to welcome Matthew McKay to the growing team of FPV UK Certificate of Competency: Practical mentors and examiners around the country. The FPV UK CofC: Practical is FPV UK’s practical skills certificate, which members take to improve their practical skills, confidence and for their own pleasure and sense of achievement. […]


New FPV UK Handbook

FPV UK Handbook The FPV UK handbook is available for download here.  Some of the topics covered in the FPV UK handbook are: Information about how FPV UK membership works (details of each of the different types of subscription – how often they renew, when reminders are sent, how you can cancel them, etc) Guidance […]


CAA issues Article 16 Operational Authorisation

Following several years of negotiations, the CAA issued UAS implementing regulation article 16 operational authorisation.  The FPV UK Article 16 Operational Authorisation is available here. When the rules changed on 31st December 2020 this authorisation came into effect and allows association members to enjoy privileges beyond the new UAS rules.  Such as: Flying FPV without […]


FPV UK Certificate of Competency: Practical

FPV UK's achievement scheme now has twenty examiners around the country

FPV UK is pleased to announce that we now have twenty examiners spread across the nation from Southampton in the South to Lybster in the very North of Scotland. This means you can now do your FPV UK Certificate of Competency: Practical in more places than ever.  Read more about the achievement scheme and find […]


RC Model and Drone flying Covid-19 Update

If any further guidance was needed regarding the recommencement of RC model and drone flying in England, this letter from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport is surely it. ‘It is vital that people continue to be active during the Covid-19 outbreak to support their physical and mental health.’ ‘All outdoor sports and […]


CAA registration open for second batch

CAA registration is once again open on our website. New members, or existing members who haven’t yet registered with the CAA, can have us register them with the CAA with a click of a single button (and an ‘Are you sure?’ popup). Here is a video showing the super-easy process: These registrations will be processed […]


Plastic FPV UK Membership Cards now available

In addition to your PDF membership certificate, we now supply optional plastic membership cards. Our membership cards include your name, FPV UK membership number, expiry date, your FPV UK achievements (Certificate of Competency: Drone Law and Certificate of Competency: Practical) your CAA Operator ID and CAA Flyer ID. The price for your card is £8.99 […]


You can now register with the CAA from your FPV UK account.

You can now register with the CAA through your FPV UK account! It takes 30 seconds – here’s a video to prove it. (We still don’t support registration. But since it’s now law we thought we’d better make it easy for our members). Deadline 31st January 2020. If you opt-in in this way your details […]


FPV UK's Simon Dale on ITN National News

Simon Dale speaking about the drone and model aircraft registration system

ITN National News interviewed FPV UK’s Simon Dale about registration and what it means to Drone and Model Aircraft Pilots in the UK. Play video of Simon Dale speaking to ITN                        


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