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20% Discount at AIRDATA

For 2024 we are delighted to announce a new discount partnership with AIRDATA to help you track, analyse and record your drone flying antics! As a valued FPV UK member you will receive an exclusive 20% discount off AIRDATA HD360 Plans. Not already an FPV UK member? Then why not check out some of the […]


FPV UK stickers, CAA Operator ID stickers and high-vis armbands now available

Stickers, Labels and Armbands in the FPV UK store

Customised 6mm transparent CAA Operator ID stickers These 6mm tall transparent sticky labels are ideal for labelling your drones with your CAA Operator ID. Labelling the main body of your drone or model aircraft with your Operator ID ensures you comply with the regulations. These stickers fit nicely on the side of a DJI Mini, […]


Moonrock accidental damage, fly-away, and theft insurance for FPV UK members

As an FPV UK member, you can fly safe in the knowledge that you are covered by our £5m drone insurance. You’re covered in case your drone damages someone else’s property or injures someone. But what about insurance for the drone itself in case you were to accidentally damage it, or in case you experienced […]


10% off The Mavic 3 Package from COPTRZ.

We’re very pleased to announce that FPV UK members now get 10% off The Mavic 3 Package from COPTRZ. DJI’s brand new Mavic 3 is arguably the best compact, high-end videography drone launched yet. The Mavic 3 enables you to capture stunning footage with a legendary 4/3 CMOS Hasselblad camera AND the ability to film […]


DronePrep and FPV UK Partnership

We’re very happy to announce a new partnership with DronePrep. DronePrep works with landowners and pilots to open up low-level airspace for drone flight. Looking for places to fly? Plan flights, check airspace rules and get permission from landowners. A free membership tier is available and FPV UK members get 30% off any of the […]


FPV UK members get £30 off an A2 CofC course with UAVHUB

We are pleased to announce that FPV UK members now get £30 off an A2 CofC course with UAVHUB. What is an A2 CofC? Since 31 December 2020, the A2 CofC drone qualification gives holders permission to fly ‘close to people’.  (See our Open Category Infographic to see how that works). Holders can also fly […]


Moonrock Insurance offer for FPV UK members

Looking for cover against accidental damage, fly-aways and theft? Moonrock Drone Insurance is now offering hobby insurance and FPV UK members get 10% off! All of their policies include: – UK & EU coverage – Unintentional fly-away cover – Accidental damage and theft cover – Legal defence costs and expenses If your drone is beyond […]


Plastic FPV UK Membership Cards now available

In addition to your PDF membership certificate, we now supply optional plastic membership cards. Our membership cards include your name, FPV UK membership number, expiry date, your FPV UK achievements (Certificate of Competency: Drone Law and Certificate of Competency: Practical) your CAA Operator ID and CAA Flyer ID. The price for your card is £8.99 […]


New Member Deal: 10% off ARPAS Membership

ARPAS-UK is the professional body and trade association for the fast evolving commercial RPAS industry, working on behalf of its members to influence regulation and promote safe operational best practice for commercial operators. On its website ARPAS also provides a database of approved operators bringing in potential customers for your commercial drone business. We’re pleased […]


New Member Deal: 10% off at Barcelona Drone Center

We are very pleased to announce that FPV UK members now qualify for 10% discount off Drone Training and Drone Remote Sensing Applications Training at Barcelona Drone Center. Barcelona Drone Center has segregated airspace, a hangar, runway, lab, meeting room, ground control stations, office and all of this, in a beautiful solar powered bio-climatic building surrounded […]


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