FPV UK stickers, CAA Operator ID stickers and high-vis armbands now available

Stickers, Labels and Armbands in the FPV UK store

Customised 6mm transparent CAA Operator ID stickers

These 6mm tall transparent sticky labels are ideal for labelling your drones with your CAA Operator ID. Labelling the main body of your drone or model aircraft with your Operator ID ensures you comply with the regulations. These stickers fit nicely on the side of a DJI Mini, as you can see in the photo.

Customised CAA Operator ID labels are in the store for immediate shipping now.

CAA Operator ID stickers for drones and model aircraft

Proud Member of FPV UK Stickers

By popular demand, FPV UK stickers are on the way! The design was chosen from six contenders by a popular vote on our Facebook page.

The sticker measures 8cm x 8cm

You can pre-order ‘Proud Member of FPV UK’ stickers now in the FPV UK store.

We expect to send them out in the next week or two.

Proud Member of FPV UK

High-vis drone ID card armband

A member recommended this armband to us. He said wearing one with his membership card turned what started out as a nasty confrontation into a member of the public commending him on “doing things properly”.

It allows you to prominently show your membership card/ drone ID card to officials / members of the public whilst minimising the distraction to your flying. It also looks official from a distance, and may prevent some interactions before they begin.

High-vis Drone ID card armbands are in the store ready for shipping now.

Drone ID Armband

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