FPV UK members get £30 off an A2 CofC course with UAVHUB

We are pleased to announce that FPV UK members now get £30 off an A2 CofC course with UAVHUB.

What is an A2 CofC?

Since 31 December 2020, the A2 CofC drone qualification gives holders permission to fly ‘close to people’.  (See our Open Category Infographic to see how that works). Holders can also fly for commercial purposes.  

UAVHUB’s course is totally online and can be done as rapidly, or as slowly, as your wish. If you need a certificate for work, or simply want to polish your knowledge or build your confidence, you can get this done in as little as 24 hours! They will provide you with all the information you need about drone rules, and you can decide when to do your test. Once you’ve passed, you will be able to fly under both the FPV UK Article 16 Operational Authorisation and the A2 CofC.

Also, if you’re not yet an FPV UK member and you’re intending to get an A2 CofC – why not to join FPV UK?

If you do, the discount you get on your A2 CofC will more than pay for your membership. And, on top of that, membership covers you with £5m public and products liability drone insurance, among many other benefits!

If you have any questions regarding the FPV UK membership, please contact us. We are always happy to hear from fellow drone pilots.

What about the Article 16 Operational Authorisation?

Most recreational drone pilots don’t require an A2 Certificate of Competency (CofC), because the
FPV UK Article 16 Operational Authorisation actually provides more freedom in most hobby scenarios. However, if you do paid work with your drone, or if you like to operate your drone using automated modes that move the drone/aircraft in physical space, then this course is for you!  And with £30 discount making the price only £69 – CAA approved training has never been so affordable!

Plastic A2 CofC ID Cards

Once you’re a certificate holder, you may wish to have a plastic ID card to show the powers that be. FPV UK members have access to our member’s store where these customised cards are available.

FPV UK A2 CofC Plastic Card

FPV UK A2 CofC Plastic Card

UAVHUB FPV UK A2 CofC discount

UAVHUB FPV UK A2 CofC discount

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