CAA registration open for second batch

CAA registration is once again open on our website. New members, or existing members who haven’t yet registered with the CAA, can have us register them with the CAA with a click of a single button (and an ‘Are you sure?’ popup). Here is a video showing the super-easy process:

These registrations will be processed in a second bulk export to the CAA on 15th of June. New CAA exemption 1345 has been issued by the CAA to facilitate this second batch.

If you missed the previous registration deadline of 31st January 2020 you now have another opportunity to have us handle your registration. Those who register through us and order a plastic membership card will also have their Operator ID on their FPV UK plastic membership card.

NB: When your registration is processed by the CAA they will send you an email which says you also require a Flyer ID to fly legally. If you have done our (free, online, 2 minute, 10 multiple-choice question) Certificate of Competency: Drone Law (‘A’ Certificate) (‘A’ Certificate) for short) you can ignore this. Exemption 1328 exempts you from that requirement.

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