Drone photography/layout/writing help wanted!

Do you have photos/articles/layout skills to help with a new welcome guide for new members?

We have an idea to put together an easy to digest, magazine style ‘Welcome Guide’ for new FPV UK members. Who are very often new drone pilots too.

This will be consistent with the FPV UK handbook, but much more ‘glossy’ and attractive to read for a newbie.

We’d like to include details about registering with the CAA, top tips for your first flights, top mistakes to avoid, where to find more detailed information, perhaps an article about doing the CofC: Practical, a ‘Do you need an A2 CofC?’ article, etc.

Do you have a great photo for the cover? (Ideally with a more up-to-date drone than our example here).

Do you have an article that you think would fit well, or would you like to write one?

Do you have desktop publishing/magazine layout skills?

If so we’d love to hear from you!

FPV UK Welcome Guide Front Cover Concept

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