FPV UK Welcomes Matthew McKay as mentor and examiner near Warrington

FPV UK is very pleased to welcome Matthew McKay to the growing team of FPV UK Certificate of Competency: Practical mentors and examiners around the country. The FPV UK CofC: Practical is FPV UK’s practical skills certificate, which members take to improve their practical skills, confidence and for their own pleasure and sense of achievement.

Matthew is a displaced airline pilot who has developed a keen interest in drones and operates them commercially. From building small Cinewhops to flying a Mavic 2 Pro for inspection. Matthew currently has a Mavic Mini 2, a Mavic 2 Pro, an Iflight Bumblebee and DJI’s new FPV Drone.

Matthew also works at Halo Drones as an Instructor/Examiner for the GVC/OA and he conducts training and examinations at a farm in Lymm near Warrington – as well as conducting online Remote Theory Tests and Reviewing Ops Manuals.

Matthew has access to a suitable field for training and examinations for the FPV UK Certificate of Competency: Practical.

We are very excited to have Matthew on the team and we’re certain that our members will benefit from his experience and enthusiasm.

It is great to see the network of FPV UK Certificate of Competency: Practical mentors and examiners growing around the UK.

For more details on the certificate take a look at the Certificate of Competency: Practical page.

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