Membership website back online

On Friday evening 8/03/2019 after 19.35 the software on our web server was updated. Unfortunately a problem with that update resulted in the part of our website (the part where new members join) being unavailable until approximately 23.45 on Saturday 09/03/2019.

After this time, until approximately 11.45 on Sunday 10/03/2019 new members were not able to join due to a problem with the link to Stripe – our payment processor.

Everything is now resolved and working properly.

Thank you to the two new members who brought these two issues to our attention.

This is the first downtime that we have had in our ten year history and our tech team have put measures in place to ensure this doesn’t happen again. Including a monitoring system to alert us if a problem occurs.

If you tried to join on Saturday, or Sunday morning, and were unable please click here to go ahead and join.

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