Plastic FPV UK Membership Cards now available

In addition to your PDF membership certificate, we now supply optional plastic membership cards.

Our membership cards include your name, FPV UK membership number, expiry date, your FPV UK achievements (Certificate of Competency: Drone Law and Certificate of Competency: Practical) your CAA Operator ID and CAA Flyer ID.

The price for your card is £8.99 including postage.

We will send you a new up-to-date card when your membership renews, which will show your new expiry date.

If you’re an existing member you can choose to have a card immediately (part way through your membership year), or to wait until your next renewal date.

You can order a plastic membership card in your membership account now or add it when you join FPV UK.

FPV UK Membe

FPV UK Membership Card Front

FPV UK Membership Card Back

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