FPV UK Certificate of Competency: Practical

FPV UK's achievement scheme now has twenty examiners around the country

FPV UK is pleased to announce that we now have twenty examiners spread across the nation from Southampton in the South to Lybster in the very North of Scotland.

This means you can now do your FPV UK Certificate of Competency: Practical in more places than ever.  Read more about the achievement scheme and find your closest mentor and/ or examiner here.

We’re looking for more mentors and examiners to help cover even more of the country.  If you’re willing to be an examiner or mentor please send us a message here.  You do not need to be a sky god to be an examiner!  If you are willing to watch a candidate fly a number of exercises and give them a tick or a cross for each one we want to hear from you!

There is no charge from FPV UK for the achievement scheme.  (Your examiner may make a charge (eg to cover petrol costs), so agree that upfront with them).


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