You can now register with the CAA from your FPV UK account.

You can now register with the CAA through your FPV UK account! It takes 30 seconds – here’s a video to prove it.

(We still don’t support registration. But since it’s now law we thought we’d better make it easy for our members).

Deadline 31st January 2020.

If you opt-in in this way your details will be sent off to the CAA on 3rd February 2020.  The CAA will send you your Operator ID within two weeks from then.

FPV members are exempt from registration until 23rd February 2020 to facilitate this process. Please see this page for details of the exemptions, etc.

We are working with the CAA to make this a permanent feature (using an API to the interact with the CAA’s DMARES system). We intend to be able to automatically re-register you with the CAA in twelve months time as well.

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