Recreational & commercial ops are
cleared for take off

Enjoy new features and freedoms with your membership including Commercial Insurance (EC) 785/2004

FPV UK is delighted to bring you a drone load of new features and flying freedoms including commercial insurance (EC) 785/2004. 

Commercial operations insurance – (EC) 785/2004

Been asked to photograph your local golf course? Does your mate want their roof inspected? Has a friend of a friend requested an aerial house photo for their house sale?

Well now you can do it! 

We’re very pleased to announce that you are now covered to fly your drones for commercial purposes – up to £15,000 total commercial operations turnover per annum.

Uniquely FPV UK insurance now complies with regulation (EC) 785/2004 – the regulation which governs commercial aviation insurance. [More about 785/2004]

This is included as standard. No activation or additional price required.

My Hangar & My Log Book

My Hangar allows you to list all of your drones and keep track of their vital statistics. See your entire fleet, total hours flown for each drone, cumulative hours logged, value, and more at glance. Mark your drones as airworthy, grounded, destroyed or sold.

My Log book allows you to log all your flying. Track the locations, times, take-offs, landings, and your notes and review later for each aircraft, or aggregated. Great fun, and also useful for maintenance or for logging commercial operations. community hub

DroneHub is the official FPV UK community space. Share your photos and videos, discuss the latest drones, or the rules. Get technical, organise meet-ups, trade your kit or anything else!

If you don’t already have one, you can create a DroneHub account from your FPV UK dashboard. If you’re already on DroneHub you can now link your accounts.

Proudly show off the following badges on your DroneHub account:

1) That you’re an active FPV UK member
2) Your list of drones from My Hangar
3) Your total flying hours from My Log Book
4) Your meet-up coordinator status, if you are a meet-up coordinator
5) Your mentor status, if you are a mentor
6) Your examiner status, if you are a mentor

You can create your account link / control each of these attributes in the new DroneHub page in your FPV UK account.

All this for just £24.99

Our annual membership, including all these extras, is just £24.99 a year.

At just over £2 per month, FPV UK membership represents tremendous value.

Plastic membership cards are also available for £10 a year. 

Our price will change from your next renewal.

For more information regarding our benefits please click here.

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