CAA Operator ID Registration/ Renewal through FPV UK

FPV UK now has a direct automated link with the CAA for drone (DMARES) Operator ID registrations.

Members can request that FPV UK registers them as an SUAS Operator with the CAA, and they will receive their Operator ID overnight (before 4am the following day).

FPV UK can also manage existing CAA registrations; members simply input their Operator ID and its expiry date and FPV UK will ensure it is renewed at the appropriate time. The £9 CAA fee is billed to the member’s FPV UK account.

There is no fee from FPV UK for this CAA Registration/ Renewal service.

This new CAA link offers a ‘one-stop-shop’ solution.  Members won’t need to go to the CAA website to register, or renew, manually – everything is handled by FPV UK.

Nb. Members who have an old OP-XXXXXXXX format operator ID will receive a new GBR-OP-XXXXXXXXXXXX format Operator ID at their first renewal.  In future years Operator IDs will stay the same.

FPV UK Existing CAA Registration

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