How to find your CAA Operator ID and/or Flyer ID

Have you mislaid your CAA Operator ID and/or CAA Flyer ID? Have you received an ‘Operator is already registered’, or ‘Flyer is already registered’ error in your FPV UK account?

This means you have asked FPV UK to register your with the CAA (either for an Operator ID, or a Flyer ID), but you already have an Operator ID or Flyer ID.

The really easy way to find your existing Operator ID is to search your email for GBR-OP-. You will find the email from the CAA with your full Operator ID and expiry date, and you can input that into your FPV UK account. Likewise for Flyer ID, you can search your email for GBR-RP- (FLY- if you have an old style Flyer ID).

Failing that, you can simply go to ‘My Registration’ on the CAA website here: and type in your date of birth and your email address.

CAA My Registration Drone Login

The CAA system will then email you an access code. Open your email and copy that code. Then paste the code into the CAA’s login screen.

CAA My Registration Drone Login Code Screen

You will now see the ‘Your registration details‘ screen, complete with your details.

Just copy the required Operator ID and/or Flyer ID and expiry date into your FPV UK and let us know that you have. We’ll do the rest.

Do not update/renew your Operator ID or Flyer ID in the CAA’s system.

Just let us know that you’ve updated your details so that we can clear the error and retry your CAA drone registration renewal.

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