My card shows my old CAA Operator ID. How can I get a new one?

Unfortunately at the first renewal of CAA Operator IDs the format will change.  Each member will get a new Operator ID in the new format. The old format was OP-XXXXXXX, the new format is GBR-OP-XXXXXXXXXXXX.

Nb. In future years each person’s CAA Operator ID will stay the same at renewal.

We have modified the design of the FPV UK membership card to accomodate this new longer CAA Operator ID.  Member’s next FPV UK plastic membership card will include their new CAA Operator ID.  This will be issued the next time their membership renews.

Unfortunately this will mean that in some cases member’s FPV UK membership cards will show their old CAA Operator ID long after it has been replaced with a new format one.  EG if a member’s CAA registration renews on 14th February 2021 but his membership renews on 14th December 2021, they will have a card with the wrong number on it for ten months.

We have added a new ‘Order replacement card’ button to facilitate a one-off replacement card – priced at £3.99.  This will be ideal for this scenario, or if you ever lose your card and require a replacement.

Order replacement FPV UK membership card

Order replacement FPV UK membership card

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